Sensitivity and the Holy Spirit

Hi all! Wow, look at the time! We’ve already tumbled into July, and the Fourth of July is tomorrow. What do you all do for Independence Day? My family and I usually watch the fireworks that are shot from Boldt Castle. Since it doesn’t start until dark, we sometimes watch a long movie, like the Great Race, while we wait. Summer for my family is certainly full of fun traditions. What do you all do during the summer?


Like most people, I have people around me I enjoy hanging out with. I’m sure you do too whether it’s a friend or family member. Activities are generally more fun when done together. But sometimes activities with others point out that we are different.

Several years ago, I started really getting into “anime” (Japanese animated shows). Some of my older siblings let me watch with them and I fell in love with the intriguing, complex, and exciting plots and characters. However, while my siblings didn’t have a problem with the content, I did. But, did you know what I did? I may have looked away here or there, or left for a moment, but I didn’t stop. The Holy Spirit was certainly letting me know what I needed to do, but I wasn’t listening.

This happened a lot with anime for awhile. I struggled with this in particular, but I’ve also struggled with other content things, like magic, violence, bad language used. Now, I’d like to point out, that in different cases, the content wasn’t necessarily “bad”. But it made me uncomfortable and the Holy Ghost gave me very loud prompts.

After continuous convictions from the Holy Ghost, I gave up on whatever was bothering me, which confused my Friend at times. It can be difficult to stop doing something when others aren’t  troubled or see a problem. For me, it was especially uncomfortable to explain why I was stopping when they didn’t understand. Eventually I started getting a reputation for not “being comfortable with those sorts of things”. If you’ve ever experienced this, you’d know it’s kind of awkward.

Additionally, there’s a trap we can fall into before we stop, and it is one that I’ve gotten caught in before. It’s justifying the thing because your peer, friend, or family member isn’t bothered by it and they’re a Christian. In some situations I continued because I couldn’t understand why I was the only one disturbed. It caused me to question whether it was “just me” and ignore the guilt that kept coming.  

The point? Did you know that there are people who are particularly sensitive to the Holy Spirit? I am, and you might be too. There are lots of things that may bother us that may be fine for others. It may not be necessarily wrong, yet we are uncomfortable with it. This is no myth, the Bible speaks about how one thing may be fine for another, while it may be a stumbling block for someone else.

The Holy Spirit

This is going to sound a bit obvious, but we need to listen to Him. I’d like to assume that most Christians believe that we should listen to the prompting of the Lord. However, sometimes the most rudimentary of truths are the hardest to act on.

There’s a fine difference in accepting that the Holy Spirit is always right, and acting in response to that. It does us no good to understand this and ignore Him the rest of the time. In particular, we need to listen even when it feels like “it’s just me”. It doesn’t matter if everyone is “cool” with it but the Holy Spirit is telling you “no”. When He speaks, its best we listen. Believe me; through my stubbornness and mistakes, I have learned this time and time again.


We need to listen to the Holy Spirit. He’ll never steer us wrong. God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us (John 14:26). We also shouldn’t try to justify what disturbs us and recognize that what may not be bad for someone else, may be a stumbling block for us and cause us to sin (Romans 14:14-23). Likewise, we need to be understanding of others and refrain from acting in ways that might cause our fellow Christians to stumble (1 Corinthians 8:9). Finally, we should be grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit (Colossians 4:2). This is true for all Christians, not just those who are particularly sensitive to Lord’s voice. In all that we do, we should be actively listening to His promptings (John 10:27).

What are your thoughts? Are you very sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice? Do you listen to Him, or do you justify or ignore His promptings? Can you see any circumstance in your life now that needs to be changed? Have you ever experienced a pressure or discomfort to keep going on because of someone else? Have you ever fallen into the trap of “it’s just me” before? I’d love to hear from you!


This is a little extra. I’m so grateful to hear that people who benefit from my posting. I’d like to help as many people as I can. I’d love to hear what you would like to read about. Are there particular subjects or things that you wish you could see more of? Are there issues that you’d like to see talked about? If you have something in mind, please comment or contact me personally!

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