Triumphant and in Control

Hello everyone, how have you all been? Can you believe it? We’re already more than half way through July. Fortunately, we still have some summer to go. I don’t know about you, but at the end of the season, I’m generally amazed at how time flies. I was also reminded of this when my family and I celebrated my nephew’s first birthday last week.

On another subject, have you felt discouraged? Life can look pretty grim. You don’t have to look far to find some tragedy or injustice. We see evil win in the news, around the world, and sometimes in our personal lives. I’ve witnessed the increase of evil in my own state, as destructive laws have been enacted. All of this and more can become a weight that pulls us down. It can sometimes feellike we’re losing spiritually.

Triumphant at the Cross

I think we can forget at times, that the ultimate battle has already been won. Certainly we still need to fight and live for Christ. However, when Jesus went to the cross, death was defeated, as was the devil. The action on the cross was the single most defining moment in history. While the spiritual battles still go on every day, we already know how it will end. The devil isn’t winning, but is destroying as much as he can before his time is up.

Remember friends, we don’t have to be weighed down by the evil in the world. For a time, there will be tyrants, the applaud of evil, and much more, but this isn’t the end.


Sometimes the world can feel like it’s spinning out of control. Everything is just wrong and it’s just plain terrible. Not only do you feel like we’re losing, but that evil is just running rampant without anyone to stop it.

God is in control though. Some of the most basic of concepts can be so easy to forget, but it’s true. Even if life feels like a mess, and every moment just feels like a whirlwind of chaos, know that the Lord of the universe has it in His hands.

Additionally, remember the devil isn’t in control. I’ve fallen victim to this before, and I believe we can forget that Satan isn’t God’s equal. Though he has been given reign over this earth for a time, he has to answer to God. The devil can do nothing without God’s allowance. In reality, Christ is really in control of it all. Therefore, we do not need to worry, nor should we fall into the snare of believing that evil is unchecked.


Jesus defeated all death on the cross, and He will always be in control (Psalm 115:3, 1 Chronicles 29:11-12, John 16:33). Life is messy and we are indeed in dark times, but the Light is never overcome (John 16:33). Although we continue to fight our daily battles and serve our King, we know what the end is and have hope for the perfect kingdom (2 Peter 2:13) that is to come. Today’s post is more of an encouragement than anything, and I hope your heart feels a little lighter. Press on my friends, and remember that the darkness will not prevail.

Have you felt weighed down by the evil of the world? Have you felt like we’re losing the battle? Have you looked to Lord and remembered His promises? What have you found encouragement in?

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