Appreciating Those Who Encourage Us

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all been well, and have been enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I’m glad to be back, though I enjoyed just having “summer” for a couple of days.

School has already begun and I expect life to get a little crazier now. My schedule is going to be a lot busier as there’s a lot happening. However, I’m determined to keep up with the blog.

Recently, I took a big step in investing in my writing. I joined a writing program and before I was accepted, I had to send in an application. While I was awaiting their response, my mom was very encouraging. She was supportive of this next step and affirmed her belief that I was ready for it, despite my doubts. Turns out, her support played a large part  in my decision to take this step.

Taken for Granted

It is truly a blessing to have those who encourage and support us. My parents have encouraged me a lot. Whether it’s general encouragement or support in my writing, they’ve been there. Unfortunately, I’ve taken their support for granted in the past.

But “family and friends are supposed to be supportive,”right? Well, yes, Christians should be supportive and encouraging to one another. However, sometimes we take it for granted as something that is just “expected”. We appreciate it, but fail to acknowledge how much these people have shaped our lives.

Unfortunately, It took hearing stories from other writers who didn’t have the support I did, for me to see the blessing I had been given.


As a young writer working to become published, it’s been a struggle to stay motivated. A writing career isn’t easy and it’s taken a lot of support from my parents to help me get this far. It was my mom who introduced me to the YWW (Young Writers Workshop), which set me off on my path to serious writing. Also, it was her promptings that made me try writing, when I didn’t think I could. My dad invested in me by paying for my learning and supplies I needed for a writer’s conference.

Not everyone is supportive though. People don’t always believe in each other and offer the support we need to flourish. But, there are those blessed ones who do. They are the people who believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves.

These are the people who cheer us on when we’ve lost spirit. They’re the ones who push us to be better; and I’m assuming a lot of you at least have one person who supports you.

These people are such a blessing from the Lord. Even if they offer just a word of encouragement here and there; they deserve our full appreciation.

We also owe God our thanks. He put these people in our lives for a reason and we have so much to be grateful for.


Those who encourage us are a gift from the Lord (James 1:17). Paul recognized and appreciated those who served and helped him; so should we ( 1 Corinthians 16:8). We should also give thanks to the Lord for His blessing and kindness (Psalm 100:4, Psalm 9:1).

We should remember those who support us. They are important and they’re a part of what keeps us going in our ventures and daily lives. Without them, where would we be?

Let’s give a thanks to those around us and show them that their encouragement means a lot to us.

Can you identify people in your life who encourage and support you? If so, have you taken them for granted? Have you let them know about how much their support means to you? Have you thanked God for the blessing these people are?

*Thank you Mom and Dad. I wouldn’t be here without you.

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