Fall! It’s here at last! Ah, it is certainly nice to be heading into a new season, and one that holds cooler temperatures and beautiful colors. I love the feeling of Fall and what comes with it. I enjoy getting cozy and the atmosphere of warmth inside my home. How about you? 

 Lately it’s been pretty busy (isn’t that life?) and school has been sucking up most of my day. Inevitably, I’ve fallen into that snare of stress, stress, and more stress. With all that stress, I fell into another habit: trying to find peace and satisfaction in something else besides Jesus. 

 If only….

 Stress is a very prevalent topic, and we all know what that feels like. Stress (at least for me) is as common as the sun rising in the morning. The week is full of projects to be done. Of course, part of what’s gotten me through has been the promise of the weekend. This beautiful time when I can relax and de-stress a bit. No school and maybe no writing on Sunday too. Ah, bliss. 

 That isn’t it though, I often thought, “if only I wasn’t so busy” or “if only I had more time” then I’d be less stressed or happier. Maybe it’s something else for you. Fill in the blank. I noticed this type of thinking last week and was disappointed to realize how this had become a habit.

 Jesus is It

 In the midst of stress, we can forget what will actually satisfy us. We can begin substituting some earthly thing, thinking that if we could just have it, everything would be so much better. I fell into thinking that if I could just have more time, or more fun, I wouldn’t be so stressed. That might hold some truth to it, I probably would be less stressed. However, school isn’t really something I can just fling out the window. 

 Even so, what I was really missing, was that I needed to find peace in Jesus, despite my stress. The weekend might temporarily take away some stress, but that true sense of peace and satisfaction in everyday life is going to have to come through the Lord. 


Stress is real, but so is the amazing peace that God offers (Colossians 3:15). We need to know that when we start falling into that “What if…” thinking, that we are missing what is actually going to help us. No substitute will ever be good enough to replace what He has to offer. Instead, we’ll only be chasing after something that keeps us temporarily satisfied.   

Let’s stop thinking “if only” and start finding our contentment and our peace in Him (Psalm 90:14).

What’s your perspective? Do you deal with a lot of stress? If so, how do you deal with it? Do you gravitate towards God or something else? Do you find yourself thinking “if only – fill in the blank-”? How do you de-stress/find contentment in the midst of stress? If you want to share any thoughts, just comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Stressed?

  1. Such a good reminder!


  2. Hope Beth Dougherty October 2, 2019 — 6:46 pm

    Thank you!


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