The Best is Yet to Come

Hello all! How has the new month been treating you? I’m glad to be getting into October and into all the fall weather. It was pretty cool up here, and the wind was blowing mighty fierce, but it was a welcome change to the heat spike we had yesterday. While my Mom and I were down in Syracuse, the temperature hit eighty-seven degrees. Yes. Eighty-seven degrees, in October! 

So we went down to Syracuse to see “Jesus Christ Superstar” (it was a homework assignment), and it surprisingly prompted me to reflect. However, that’s not what the subject matter is today. 

Most of the show was odd and close to the end it became depressing. Right before the closing, (WARNING: Spoilers!) after Jesus had been crucified, they took his body and then the show ended. It was a bit anticlimactic, to say the least. It was one of those “wait, that’s it?” moments. 

The show was clearly missing something. 

How about the Resurrection? 


Sometimes there are those days, days where everything just feels it couldn’t get any worse. Tragedies and  disasters permeate media all around us and in our own personal lives. There are days or moments when the whole world just seems like it’s going downhill. 

The way society is today, it can be extremely depressing to see the hate, the murders, and the injustice being done. The evil and darkness of this sinful world just seems so strong, and despite all efforts, life looks pretty bleak. 

We may ask ourselves, “Is this all there is?”.

The Best is Yet to Come

Wait, though! There’s something else, something that doesn’t end with a tomb. Let’s not forget the Resurrection and what that means. Jesus’ rise from the grave has many implications, one being that there is hope and the best is yet to come. 

Not only is the Resurrection a slap in Death’s face, but it’s also a statement that there is more. While life has its share of discouragement and can honestly take us into dark places, we know that this isn’t the end. We know, despite the low places that we may tread through, that there is a light at the end.  

The Resurrection tells us that we have hope, and there is no such thing as an “end” for Christians. Obviously life isn’t always discouraging and stirring up hopelessness in us. Sometimes everything is going our way, and even the rest of the world seems to be taking a turn for the better. However, even when “life is good”, we have so much more to anticipate. 


It’s a common phrase, but bear with me. Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes those downs can be pretty low. They can really drain the strength and hope from us, leaving us empty and tired. 

However, we don’t have to ask if that’s all life is. We know better, and we have a promise for an eternal life that is better than we could ever imagine (John 5:24) . Jesus’ Resurrection reminds us that our time on this earth is not final chapter. Through the ups and downs, we have a reason to hope, to smile, and to laugh (1 Peter 1:1-3). For we have a future full of better things and life spent with Jesus that has no end. 

What do you think? Have you been weighed down by hopelessness or discouragement? Have you thought of the hope and life that has been promised in our future? Have you thought about the Resurrection and what that means for Christians, for you? 

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