Spiritual Mentors

Hi everyone, how has your month been going? I had some blessed time off from my classes about a week ago and it was heavenly. It was a great time to unwind and to do the things I haven’t really been able to do during the average school week. I spent my week sleeping in (glorious sleeping), spending time with family, relaxing, and writing. 

Along with a break, the colors up here have been beautiful. The trees have been turning and the sunsets by our house have been vivid and gorgeous, really a testimony to the beauty of God’s work in creation.

On another subject, I talk with my Mom a bit, ranging on a variety of topics. But, what I particularly like to talk to her about are biblical questions and thoughts. She has been a valuable person to speak with about matters I’m uncertain about or about thoughts that I have. In more recent years, I have identified her to be my spiritual mentor, and that’s what I’d like to talk about today. 

Mentors are Valuable

Spiritual mentors are extremely valuable. I have experienced the fruits of having a mentor in my life and I’m a better person for it. I have had so many conversations with my mentor which have helped me to grow in understanding and in my Christian walk. Through mentorship, I have had a guide who has more experience than me and has offered informed feedback and help. 

Mentors encourage thoughtfulness and deep conversations. They are the people who help us to think critically and grow through our interactions. Mentors are the people you can safely go to and tackle the hard questions and truths. These people–though not perfect–offer their wisdom and experience. 

Why a Mentor?

 As  young teens, there is so much that we haven’t experienced yet, and many things we don’t know. This period of life is often stressful and turbulent, as we try to determine what God is calling us to do. Our relationship with our Father and living out our lives as His followers is not always easy. The sin in the world, the hurt that we experience, and the anxieties of life raise questions, and talking about them with those whom we trust and who are experienced can open the door to new understanding or perspectives.

As young people navigating through our spiritual life, mentors make sure we don’t do it alone. Obviously, we don’t have to have a mentor, but often we find one even if we’re not looking for one. Mentors are special people who are willing to help us. They can take away some of the stress by sharing their experiences and insights. 

And remember, our mentors were once like us. They have experienced those years, those milestones in our spiritual walk, and the need to discuss our thoughts and questions.

Finding/Identifying  a Mentor

If you don’t have a mentor, I would encourage you to look around. You might find you already have one. Maybe you already go to someone when you have questions or want to strike up a thought-provoking subject.  If not, I would encourage you to find one. Mentors can take on a variety of shapes. A mentor could be a parent, a friend who’s more spiritually mature and experienced, a grandparent, and/or a youth pastor, etc. Basically, a  good mentor should be someone who is spiritually mature, further ahead than you, and is willing to give you guidance. 


Mentors are valuable and they can help us to grow in many different ways. Although the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention mentors, I would say that these people could apply to the “wise” friends and such whom we are encouraged to surround ourselves with. 

Interacting with those who are wise (mentors) help us to grow in understanding (Proverbs 13:20). Through discussion, the sharing of thoughts and ideas, we are sharpened, and it goes both ways (Proverbs 27:17). If you don’t have a mentor, I would encourage you to find one. A mentor is a wonderful gift from God. 

Do you have a mentor in your life? Has he/she been helpful in your spiritual walk? If you don’t have one, can you think of a potential spiritual mentor? Do you disagree/agree that mentors are important and valuable? 

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Mentors

  1. I had the chance to talk with the daughter of a woman who was a mentor to me when I was a teen and tell her what an impact her mom made on my life. What a privilege.

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  2. Hope Beth Dougherty November 1, 2019 — 2:17 pm

    Mentors are such a blessing, and my Mom has been so helpful in helping me flourish. Thank you for sharing!


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