The Old Factory

Molly held her sister’s hand that was were little larger than a doll’s as they walked through a tunnel of blazing red and gold leaves. Rays of sunlight broke through and danced as an autumn wind caressed the leaves and branches of the tall trees.

They emerged onto a hill overlooking a valley dotted with homes and mountains leaping up from behind. Clouds huddled together around the sun as the two descended the flattened grass path. Molly’s brow furrowed and she picked up the pace.

As they reached the valley, the clouds – which were looking more like gray billows now – settled over the village. Molly’s steps came down faster as she felt fear prick her chest.

Let’s just get home and everything will be alright.

Suddenly, her sister stopped.

“Emile, we don’t have time for this.” Molly turned around, her expressions breaking into a frown. She found her sister shouting and pointing to the sky, saying, “Snow!”

From above the dark clouds, white flakes descended and began covering the ground. Her sister knelt and scooped some up while Molly caught a flake in her hand, eyes widening.


She grabbed Emile’s wrist and raced towards the village. Emile protested and pulled back, but Molly didn’t stop until they had reached the village. Doors slammed shut and people dashed into their homes, locks clicking behind them.

Molly turned the corner and pushed through the door of the last house on that row. Inside, Emile jerked away, sobbing. Their mother rushed into the room and Molly peered out the window as the ash rained down.

“What’s happened?” Their mother asked, peering out the window.

Molly stared at the mountains, remembering a twisted, grotesque structure with dozens of metal chimneys pumping out smoke, and red flames burning in the windows like the eyes of a demon. She shuttered and sank to her knees.

They’re back,” Her voice trembled.

This was from Day 13: Ash, of the Inktober prompts. I wish I could post more of these (and if I have time, I might try do do more), but I didn’t have time to write more flash fiction with my big project going on (A Reckoning of Blood). I hope you enjoy this!

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