Hey friend!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post–I was taking a much needed break and felt that I wasn’t in the best place to be writing on my blog–but now I’m back, and I have an important announcement:

I am officially letting the blog go.

I will no longer being blogging on here (though there is the possibility that I’ll post something on Christian Living once in awhile). I’ve decided that this isn’t an area that I should be focusing on anymore. Things have changed in my writing and I have new endeavors.

While I’m letting it go, I don’t think this was for naught. I’m grateful that I was able to impact people with my words, and share what I’ve learned. Blogging has given me helpful experience, and maybe one day I’ll return to it.

Anyhow, thank you so much for reading, interacting, and supporting me!

This isn’t goodbye though. It’s just the blog. I’ll still be around on the website and hopefully I can get some writing snippets up sometime (and more story art :D). Also, if you’d like to connect more, I’m pretty active on Instagram where I post about writing and books (my account: @writerhopeedougherty) (yes, two “es”).

Have a blessed rest of your week.

See ya later!

Hope Beth Dougherty

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