Writing Projects

Soul’s Shadow

Status: Drafted

Genre: YA fantasy

Wordcount: 136,673

Finished: 4/19/21

A Reckoning of Blood

Status: Drafted

Genre: YA Fantasy/Christian

Wordcount: 113, 224 words.


He hides a dangerous secret. The lost are returning. A reckoning is coming

Aidan just wants to do one thing right. As the “defective” son of a lord, he has been a disappointment to his father, and the subject of ridicule in Kaladian high society. However, his “flaw” is more than it appears and is a danger to both his life and those he cares about. Meanwhile, unrest permeates the kingdom as the people of the lower caste protest and the monarchy spirals downward. Also, mysterious attacks—leaving citizens bloodied and maimed—cause rumors to circulate about the return of a lost race. Then disaster strikes.

Struggling to restore his homeland, Aidan becomes entrenched not only in a war against the lower castes, but with a people who are out for vengeance.

Veiled in Lies

Status: Complete

Genre: YA Fantasy/Christian/Medieval fantasy

Wordcount: 84,000 words


Two children go missing. A mysterious stranger. A girl’s ordinary life turns upside down when she stumbles upon a deadly plot.

In the dead of night, during a fierce storm, a child is found. Meanwhile, another child is sent away, to disappear. Seventeen years have passed and Syrena is her father’s secretary in Emapriver, the Vanashtan parliament. The city is filled with unrest and after the Preemphis building is stormed, her father is abducted as chaos ensues.

Set on a journey to find her father, Syrena meets a mysterious man with danger ever on his heels. However, as she grows closer to rescuing her father, Syrena stumbles upon a plot that could destroy everything she loves.    

“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.” – Mary Wortley Montagu

*Please Note: I do not own any of these images here (except for the cover of “Veiled in Lies”). I do not hold the rights.

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